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Baby Beluga Loves Tongue Rubs

One of the Vancouver Aquarium’s resident belugas, Qila, gave birth to a healthy calf back in June. Now four months old, the calf is beginning to play with her trainers and especially enjoys tongue rubs, which the aquarium staff say is kind of like a massage… for your tongue… From the video info section: “Look…

This calf was born yesterday to Qila, who herself was born at the Vancouver Aquarium 12 years ago. Special thanks to Vancouver Aquarium employee Keey Prior for bringing this to our attention.

Many people collect baseball cards, stamps, coins, comic books, rocks, fossils or nutcrackers. I believe I have opened up a whole new field of nerd-dom with my zoo and aquarium shot glass collection. Given that it is the only zoo and aquarium shot glass collection I know of, I have also decided it is the…