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Turtles Are Not Pure Evil

New YouTube research definitively proves that turtle society is highly altruistic and that Disney’s heretofore refusal to make a movie about them is racism, pure and simple.

Spectacular Deep Sea Squid Footage

Stunning footage of deep-sea squids from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), where researchers use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to observe and record deep-sea animal behaviors.

Animals Getting Along Spendidly

Get out your Kleenex, wimps. Thanks, Berkery for forwarding this along.

Lobster Magnet

We are on a new Movable Type platform. You know what that means for you? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! …. maybe other than this. In celebration of the new, we offer the epically awesome old – Lobster Magnet I’m gonna classify this as “medicine and health” just for kicks.


A little background here: Japanese squid monster moisturizer tentacle woman video. Yup.

Escaped Rhino Drill in Japan

The Tokyo Zoo is prepared for anything. In this case, they foil the escape attempts of two employees in a giant paper maiche rhino outfit. (fyi – this video is in fact still available, just blow in it a few times if it gives you trouble) Via Arbroath via BoingBoing. From the YouTube comments and…

Elbow Deep in Whale Poop!

Researchers at the New England Aquarium have stepped into a totally new method of studying Atlantic’s threatened population of right whales – collecting and analyzing floating feces to test the population’s health! I didn’t know whales ate corn! Right whales got their name because they were the “right” whale to catch during whaling’s hey day,…

Brits of all shapes and sizes have been spitting out mouth fulls of tea and shepherd’s pie at the announcement that a strange unidentified insect seems to be running rampant across England, including London. The black and red bug resembles the Arocatus roeselii, a rare central European insect, only Britain’s bugs are significantly duller in…

StickyBot and Directional Adhesion

StickyBot is a robot designed by researchers at Stanford Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab as part of the Robots in Scansorial Environments project (RiSE). The robotic gecko tests their hypotheses about the “requirements for mobility on vertical surfaces using dry adhesion. The main point is that we don’t need more adhesion, we need controllable adhesion.”…