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Jerboa Quest 3

In this groundbreaking film, a greater Egyptian jerboa hangs out in a kitchen to a tune from Dragon Quest 3. Set expectations to “low.” Thanks to Adam Bedient for the important tip

Wow…Shape Shifting Owl

Via Cute Overload and NVDH.

You’d have to be mentally deficient to believe Japan’s claims that their hunting of 900 whales is being done for “research” purposes. But how far should people go to stop the slaughter? The Australian government has condemned the killing. People have waged protests. But it seems nothing can stop those wacky Japanese from persisting with…

Be-YULE-ga Whales in Japan

Japan is a country pretty much known for only one thing: being mean to whales. They eat whales for taste and curiousity and conduct “experiments” on whales for “Mengele street cred.” But now, they have finally taken their twisted torture too far. The Daily Mail, Britain’s most trusted source for news, reported today that a…