Settling In

Jeez, so much to learn, so many tweaks to do at the new site!

I’ve turned off comment authentication since people were having trouble with TypeKey. Comment away!

The RSS feed isn’t publicised yet, but it works: (Thanks, Johan Jönsson!).

I’ll be posting in Eastern Standard Time, not because I’ve suddenly relocated across the Atlantic, but because most of the other Sciencebloggers become unfairly underexposed if people east of the US start blogging here on their local time in what passes for the small hours in that great country.


  1. #1 Hans Persson
    December 30, 2006

    I’ve put your new shiny feed in among the ~150 others that I monitor. I’ve noted that your feed doesn’t show the entire posts. If that’s possible to change, I’d much prefer getting the entire post from the feed.

  2. #2 Martin Rundkvist
    December 30, 2006

    There are two main reasons to truncate the posts like that. One is that the blog’s start page is more informative if you can see the beginnings of several recent entries at a glance. The other is that it forces people with RSS readers to visit the web site and ostensibly look at the ads. (-;

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