Darwin Day essay contest!

In honor of Darwin Day, Evil Monkey brings news of an essay contest being sponsored by the Alliance for Science:

2007 National High School Essay Contest

Why would I want my doctor to have studied evolution? If you are a high school student in the United States, we want to hear your answer to that question. Send us an essay of not more than 1,000 words by March 31st.

There are cash prizes and more for winners; the details can be found here.


  1. #1 ladyvonkulp
    February 12, 2007

    Hmm.. why would I want my doctor to have studied evolution? Two words: Antibiotic resistance. There was a brilliant Doonesbury about this last year, I don’t know if I can find it anymore.

  2. #2 Tara C. Smith
    February 12, 2007
  3. #3 ladyvonkulp
    February 12, 2007

    Bingo. That one, and the one of GHW Bush talking to W over the phone about why he didn’t invade Iraq are on my refrigerator.

  4. #4 Avid Reader
    February 21, 2007

    Jeez Louise – this sounds as silly as “What would you ask god for if he could answer any prayer?” As an atheist, I get riled up when I hear stuff like “Well, they don’t believe in evolution so they can’t possible be a good (fill in blank)”. Newton, Copernicus, Pasteur, Boyle and Da Vinci did not believe in Evolution – does this invalidate their efforts?

    I worry about the increasing tendency to link science with atheism and leftist politics as much as I do the fights against science by evangelicals. I like your site by the way.


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    February 25, 2007

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