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Ron Pippin at Obsolete

One of my favorite mixed-media artists, Ron Pippin, just completed a stunning wonder cabinet of a show at Obsolete Gallery. Browsing the interactive panoramas on his website is like tiptoeing through the workshop of a slightly unbalanced Victorian scientist.

Book #8
Ron Pippin

In his latest work, Pippin creates altered notebooks worthy of some jungle-crazed alternate-history Darwin, ominous glass specimen boxes, and flying half-biological automata of uncertain purpose. If you’re in the Laguna Beach area, you can see his work in person at Trove.

Ron Pippin’s website
Ron Pippin previously on bioephemera


  1. #1 Hungry Hyaena
    February 26, 2008

    Terrific stuff! What an installation he worked up, too! I wish I could see it.

  2. #2 floatingrunner
    February 26, 2008

    seems interesting… and lots of steampunkish themes =)
    i like it
    metals and wires!

  3. #3 Jose
    February 26, 2008

    That is so awesome! I love it!
    I really like your blog! I just started a new one on Tissue Engineering, and need some feedback. So If you feel like reading it some time… please do so and let me know what you think! 🙂

  4. #4 John Ohab
    March 3, 2008

    Definitely check out this documentary short: Back to Life. Shot by up and coming DP, Matt Egan.

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