Is that towel antibacterial, too?

Homeland Security Kitchen Towel
Christy Rupp

Labels for Genetically Altered Food
Christy Rupp

Artist Christy Rupp has created a small line of products designed to freak people out, in the hope that alarm will translate into environmental awareness. Let’s hope she’s right. At the very least, they’re pretty cool hostess gifts for fellow enviro-geeks.

Shown here: Homeland Security Towel, $65, “A remedy for that queasy feeling at home,” and Labels for Genetically Altered Food, $30, “Celebrate the mystery while you speculate what that new breed of organisms in your digestive system is up to!”


  1. #1 RyanG
    February 28, 2008

    Those labels would go great with my Weaponized Neurotoxin Chili.

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