Photo: John Downer

Trunk-cams and tusk-cams – apparently when they’re not painting portraits of each other, elephants are film auteurs:

One carried a “trunk-cam” – a device resembling a huge log concealing a camera which could be held in its trunk and dangled close to the ground. Another had a “tusk-cam” hooked over its tusk. The elephants moved so steadily that the images are pin-sharp. Other log-cams were left on the forest floor.

The high-definition cameras were created by inventor Geoff Bell for a documentary in the remote Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh in the heart of India. (Film-maker John) Downer used them to record the first two years of the cubs’ lives. Along the way, images of other animals were captured by chance – or when the otherwise camera-shy creatures investigated the equipment. (source)