Wellcome Image Winners 2008

Vitamin C crystals
Spike Walker

Crystals of oxidised vitamin C (dehydroascorbic acid). Vitamin C itself (ascorbic acid) is a good antioxidant as it is reacts easily with oxygen to form the stable and unreactive dehydroascorbic acid seen here.

Of the 2008 Wellcome Image Award winners, I like this one best. It shows that even prosaic Vitamin C can be beautiful – like a collection of rare golden corals in a display box.

Zoologist-turned-photographer Spike Walker modestly describes himself as a “found object artist who walks around the pavement looking at things that have been spilled on it.” Like ascorbic acid, I guess.


  1. #1 John Dennehy
    March 27, 2008

    Ahem… don’t you ever read…
    My favorite… I never thought I’d say a fly kinda looks cute.

    I probably found out about the song from your blog, then told you about my “discovery” a few months later. I’m recursive like that.

  2. #2 bioephemera
    March 27, 2008

    Actually seeing your post reminded me I’ve been meaning to get to this (I’m backlogged with drafts by a couple of weeks.) Should have given you credit for the reminder in my post. 🙂

  3. #3 hoofborne
    March 27, 2008

    I was rather mesmerized by the ephrin-B2, blood cells image. That may just be the hibernating agricultural field biologist in me wanting to get out.

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