Breadcrumbs and wings

histoire(s) naturelle(s)
Petra Werle

Petra Werle’s sculptures are fantasy, not science – nevertheless, she pins them in display cases like a butterfly collection. Their faces are molded breadcrumbs, and their bodies are made of feathers, beetles, moths, butterflies, shells, and moss.



histoire(s) naturelle(s)
Petra Werle

Like the work of Tessa Farmer or Brian Froud’s Pressed Fairy Book, these are fairies and gnomes as pseudo-scientific specimens, their bodies offered as evidence of a fantastic, unseen world. But unlike Farmer’s savage, wolflike packs of fairies, Werle’s fairies are burlesque caricatures of human indulgence, lust and folly.


histoire(s) naturelle(s)
Petra Werle

Video of her 2007 exhibition, histoire(s) naturelle(s):

She also has a book with photographs by Frantisek Zvardon.


  1. #1 Bee
    March 28, 2008

    Your blog definitely has the coolest art. I love the look of those creatures, though I wonder where she gets her fancy beetles.

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