On Tuesday, The Kaiser Family Foundation hosted a panel on “The Health Blogosphere: What it Means for Policy Debates and Journalism,” starting with a twenty-minute keynote from HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt (yes, he has a blog). The webcast is here.

My favorite quote, from Tom Rosenstiel at the Project for Excellence in Journalism:

Blogs are like muffins. They range from everything from bran to chocolate cake. They’re more of a shape than they are defining a particular type of content, and I think that the point that they put you in the conversation, and tonally there’s a similarity, and obviously they tend to have posts, links, and comments, the similarities pretty much end there. Most bloggers that we’ve seen really see themselves as activists, not speaking to the world at large, but speaking to the thinking public; they tend to see themselves as soldiers in an army. There are a lot of armies out there.

Agree? Disagree? I feel like I should go sharpen my sword. Or bake something.


  1. #1 Patricia
    July 31, 2008

    Tremble in fear of …
    the Muffin Army!
    Can he maintain the simile for more than one sentence? It completely falls apart like a freshly microwaved muffin you’re trying to spread with real butter straight from the fridge!

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