The Sleeping Venus (1944)
Paul Delvaux

Observatory is a new collaborative art space located in Brooklyn, where it is reportedly sandwiched between Proteus Gowanus, Cabinet Magazine, and the Morbid Anatomy library. Its illustrious proprietors include Pam of Phantasmaphile, Joanna of Morbid Anatomy, and D&M of Curious Expeditions. And if that’s not reason enough to be excited, tonight they are hosting a talk by Kathryn Hoffmann of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, entitled “Reveries of Sleeping Beauty: Slumber and Death in Anatomical Museums, Fairground Shows, and Art.”

I saw Dr. Hoffmann talk about the paintings of Paul Delvaux last year, and it was so engrossing I had to write a long blog post all about it. I trust that eventually I will actually *be* in NYC for an event at the Observatory. In the meantime, if you’re in the NYC area, enjoy!


  1. #1 Joanna
    March 25, 2009

    You must DEFINITELY come up for an event. Or, better yet, come up and give a presentation at Observatory! We’d love to host you.

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