Beauty in a McDonald’s bag?

i-c1fdcb5cb48450578ed7d3b4dc293a4a-Picture 10.png
Notice–Forest (McDonald’s paper bag)
Paper Bag, Glue
Yuken Teruya, 2005

Paper artist Yuken Teruya does the impossible by turning a fast food bag into a stunning sunset-dappled lone tree. The Forest Series, creating paper trees out of disposable waste products like toilet paper tubes and paper bags, is a poignant glimpse of the forest behind the paper – it’s a like a little bit of the lost trees’ spirit lives on in the consumer end product. Yes – even McDonald’s bags were once alive!

There’s also something magical about looking from the inside of the bag outwards, sneaking behind the garish colors and advertising to appreciate the design as an abstract fantasy.

i-3198495936e564e75cb14509691d755e-Picture 8.png
Notice-Forest (Murata & Friends shot)
Paper Bag, Glue
Yuken Teruya, 2007

If you’re reminded of Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree, you’ll be amused to see Teruya’s take on that, too.

See more of Teruya’s work at the Saatchi Gallery and the artist’s own website.


  1. #1 Jessica Alexander
    August 19, 2009

    Hey Jessica,
    you might or might not remember your across the hall neighbor from Anderson Hall…but hey how are ya?

    The Giving Tree was one of two books that my Mom removed (read censored) from my bookshelves as a child. One read through was enough for her to determine that it was an example of the ultimate in male chauvinism…a female tree that tries its whole life to please a young boy and just gives and gives all she’s got, with no return until after her death (and even then it was a paltry acknowledgement if I remember correctly). Go figure, eh?

    Hope to catch up a bit,
    Jessica (A)

  2. #2 pm
    August 19, 2009

    What’s happening here? Jessica posting a blog and replying to herself??

  3. #3 Jessica Palmer
    August 20, 2009

    This may shock you, PM, but there are actually many different people named Jessica in the world. 🙂 I hope it will not disappoint you to hear that I am not only not Jessica Alexander, I’m also not Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, or Jessica Biel. So sad.

  4. #4 Hungry Hyaena
    August 22, 2009

    Yuken went to graduate school with me. His delicate works reflect his sensitive, quiet demeanor. I quite like them, and him.

  5. #5 Juddie
    September 3, 2009

    Wow! So lovely!

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