One of the reasons little liberal arts colleges are awesome: this course at Lafayette. It’s part of their Values and Science/Technology Program.


  1. #1 Mike Olson
    February 26, 2010

    Thanks for posting this Jessica! I’m neither an engineer or an artist…but…I found that I most enjoyed learning when I had to visualize something that was not readily or perhaps easily seen, even with a ‘scope. Bio wasn’t as much fun because you could look at a diagram of cell parts, which seemed to detract from the reality…it has come to be more fun with better art and diagrams which show more realistically how a cell looks in 3-D sort of way. I greatly enjoyed chemistry, bio-chem applications in blood work, reading about physics, and antibody/antigen reactions because they required a visualization and conceptualization that is not readily observable. I have noticed in recent years that science-art has gotten much better and there are some incredibly fantastic computer animations of some of these ideas. This artistry greatly enhances the learning experience.

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