Lately Ms. Humble of Not So Humble Pie, “your typical nerdy biological anthropologist turned stay at home mom and baker of sometimes strange goodies,” has cornered the market on science cookies. Check out her beautiful gel electrophoresis cookies (above): they are amazingly convincing AND ethidium bromide free (thank goodness). She’s also made drosophila melanogaster cookies, zebrafish cookies, circuit board cookies:


wii-mote and Six axis controller cookies (not science, but come on, gamers and scientists have a high overlap), and blood cell cookies. Check out this educational video using her blood cell cookies as props to teach basic physiology. Mmmm, macrophages: turnabout is fair play.

Ms. Humble has also compiled a series of roundups featuring science cookie photos (and science cakes) submitted by readers. If you, too, are a scicookiephile, you should definitely follow her blog. Thanks to Esmeralda for finding the blood cell video and suggesting this post!


  1. #1 Adrian Morgan
    May 30, 2010

    I’ve got a set of thingies … not sure of the word, you know, protector pads for putting underneath hot coffee mugs … featuring real circuit boards that would go well with a coffee served with some of those green biscuits.

    They were a gift from my sister a few years ago.

  2. #2 notedscholar
    May 30, 2010

    These cookies are dangerous, because they might teach kids to try to eat electronics!!!

    I’m surprised I have to point out behavior mechanisms to scientists!!


  3. #3 Comrade PhysioProf
    May 30, 2010


  4. #4 Esmeralda
    May 30, 2010

    I do have a blog, actually- it’s just not filled with the undiluted nerdy awesome that yours is- it’s kind of more all-over the board.
    I do however very well the need for blog hiatuses, as much as I might weep and curse the sky at your temporary departure. You are, (and I read many) without a doubt my favorite blogger in these here internets, my favorite feed to check after a weekend, and the absolute best that the blogosphere has to offer.
    I just wanted you to know that before you took your break- that you are really really loved, for so many reasons. There are NOT enough women in science- or if there are they’re terrible at self promotion. We need some female Michio Kakus to grace our magazine covers and documentary voice overs, and to me, you are that lady.
    More than that though, you seamlessly incorperate art- art and science are the two most important things in the universe to me, and I am lucky to have ONE friend who is similarly inclined (she also loves your blog)… I wish that I had the opportunity to give you a great big hug in person, because your blog is like a customized magazine just for me.
    I really hope you aren’t gone for too long, or if you are- and you ever come out west, give me a shout- I can show you around Powells books and Ed’s Gems and all the nerdolicious places that I love here in Portland.

    Also, those cookies look SO GOOD. I have added her blog too, and am lusting after so many of those creations.

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