NGC 3621

Joe DePasquale was a winner of the European Southern Observatory’s hidden treasures 2010 competition with this lovely photo. From ESO:

“The pictures of the Universe that can be seen in ESO’s releases are impressive. However, many hours of skilful work are required to assemble the raw greyscale data captured by the telescopes into these colourful images, correcting them for distortions and unwanted signatures of the instrument, and enhancing them so as to bring out the details contained in the astronomical data. ESO has a team of professional image processors, but for the ESO’s Hidden Treasures 2010 competition, the experts decided to give astronomy and photography enthusiasts the opportunity to show the world what they could do with the mammoth amount of data contained in ESO’s archives.”

See more entries on flickr. Via NotCot.

Update: see Wired’s coverage here.