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Personalized Pharmaceuticals

Finally! A prescription medication tailor-made for me!

From the makers of Damitol and Fukitol, here is…



  1. #1 J-Dog
    April 18, 2008

    Gee, thanks for all the help “Dr. Phil”. BTW – I think a real doctor would realize that I’ve built up a tolerance, and my dosage needs to be increased? Hello???

    Okay, how about we change my meds to the Fukitol?

  2. #2 PalMD
    April 18, 2008

    Hmmm…ScienceBloggers, line up!

  3. #3 Bill the Cat
    April 18, 2008

    Take two tablets of Pissonnit and get back to us Monday.

  4. #4 Warren
    April 18, 2008

    Oh that’s a great fuckin’ idea.

  5. #5 Bill from Dover
    April 19, 2008

    Has anyone ever ODed on these?

  6. #6 Ira Fews
    April 20, 2008

    I see everyone’s been taking their Pizpor. As for my wife, it may be tme to hide the Onderag.

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