Personalized Pharmaceuticals

Finally! A prescription medication tailor-made for me!

From the makers of Damitol and Fukitol, here is...


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Gee, thanks for all the help "Dr. Phil". BTW - I think a real doctor would realize that I've built up a tolerance, and my dosage needs to be increased? Hello???

Okay, how about we change my meds to the Fukitol?

Hmmm...ScienceBloggers, line up!

Take two tablets of Pissonnit and get back to us Monday.

By Bill the Cat (not verified) on 18 Apr 2008 #permalink

Has anyone ever ODed on these?

By Bill from Dover (not verified) on 19 Apr 2008 #permalink

I see everyone's been taking their Pizpor. As for my wife, it may be tme to hide the Onderag.