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From time to time my co-author on _A Nation of Farmers_ and I teach classes on practical topics about adapting to lower energy life, food storage and preservation, garden and farm design, etc… The classes are offered online and are asynchronous (ie, you don’t have to be online at any particular time – we post stuff, then people respond as they are able, and then we respond as we are able…).

We’re offering two such classes in the next couple of months. First, Aaron and I are offering “Making Your Place” which helps people who are considering relocation, concerned they may have to relocate, planning to relocate or debating whether to stay in their current home/apartment or not to make adaptive choices that will allow them to live on fewer resources. We cover everything from choosing a region to portable adaptations that allow renters or those who may move to their their investment in low energy infrastructure with them, how to evaluation the climate future of your place, how to build community, what to look for in a home or apartment, etc…. We’ll be offering that form Thursday January 8 to mid-February over six weeks.

Second, we’re offering Farm and Garden Design which should help both beginning gardeners and farmers get started and navigate through seed starting, planning, soil preparation through season extension and harvest, and also should help experienced gardeners and farmers who want to step up their game, expand their gardens, make full use of their property and develop a long term plan. The class will run from mid-February to the end of March.

There’s much more information here at ye olde blogge and you can email me at to reserve a spot or ask more questions.