What are Origami Nanosat Telescopes? How about Kinetic Inductance Detectors?
More importantly, what should we do with them?

NASA’s Astrophysics is doing a Roadmap exercise, with the stated intent to look at science goals, technology and capabilities up to 30 years out!

White papers were solicited a few weeks ago, and about 100 were received and are archived online, about 3/4 on science and 1/4 on technology.

There was originally supposed to be a workshop for presentation of selected white papers, but in the world of sequestration that was not feasible, so instead there was a two day online townhall meeting, run over Adobe Connect

Much of my time this week was spent keeping half an ear on the roadmap presentations, for a while in parallel with trying to follow the concurrent first part of the Astrobiology Roadmap web chat!

There were typically just under a 100 participants online at any given time, many of which were the Roadmap Team Members


  1. #1 Ned Wright
    May 9, 2013

    All these shiny new toys are being proposed, but the President’s budget requests for Astrophysics at NASA are basically on a path toward liquidation:

    Ap Exp
    FY13 Request for FY14 703.0 134.3
    FY14 Request for FY14 642.3 100.9

    That’s a 10% reduction in astrophysics, which means that the decadal survey’s (W)FIRST priority will never get going; and a 30% decrease for Explorers, which was the other priority.

    This has led to a stay on completing the evaluation of the Explorer MoO proposals submitted in Dec 2012. Probably this means that the approximately 20 million dollars of effort put into these proposals by the community will have been wasted.

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