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The ‘Basic Concepts in Science” list is getting longer and longer every couple of hours or so, it seems. Try to keep up with it. You may even want to Google-bomb (by linking using the same words as Wilkins does) some or all of the posts if you think they should come up on top in Google searches for these terms. Dan adds his own contribution on Cell Migration and Jennifer makes a wish-list for the Top Ten Physics Concepts that need to be included. To those, I’d add the series on statistics by ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: Part 1: Samples, Part 2: Probability, Part 3: Sample Statistics, Part 4: Sampling Distributions and Part 5: Constructing a Confidence Interval for the Sample Proportion.

If you know of an open-source, open-access journal that is not on this list, let Jackie know about it. Let’s fight the nasty anti-open-science PR!

Are you an Academic? And male? If so, you may be a ‘babe magnet’. Or not (Dr.Petra is an expert in administering cold showers).

Are you going to take the blog course on Joys of Science along with Zuska?

Magical Properties of Water (bought last week in my neighborhood): Part 1 and Part 2. Scooped Orac for the Friday Dose Of Woo series this week!

Vaughn of Mind Hacks is not surprised that ‘sleep’ is on the Wired Magazine’s list of 42 biggest unanswered questions in science. Though I’d say the magazine’s short blurb is at least mammalocentric if not entirely anthropocentric, as well as mildly adaptationist. After all, we have no idea why fruitflies sleep!

Alon Levy nicely rips into Steven Pinker, over on 3 Quarks Daily. Interestingly, he is stil linking back to his old flop-of-a-post on Lewontin that was debunked here.

There is a new group discussing Philosophy with emphasis on religion and Creationism. Catch up with them on their blog and forums.

John Hawks reviews a new paper on signalling in monkeys by Frans de Waal.

Everything you need to know about the Seismosaurus.

Pictures of some science bloggers at the conference last week. Can you recognize everyone? Perhaps this will help.


  1. #1 Alon Levy
    January 29, 2007

    If you’re interested, I have a few more points on my own blog that didn’t make the 3QD post for reasons of flow.

  2. #2 evgenia
    January 30, 2007

    I didn’t know fruitflies slept!

    There’s a very interesting proposal (the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming) about why we might sleep and dream that as far as i know hasn’t been contended since it was first published.

    There’s an article about it here: http://www.hgi.org.uk/archive/dreamtoforget.htm – written in response to Domhoff’s “Needed: a new theory. Behavioural and Brain Sciences, 23, 6, 928�930.” in 2000.

    It’s worth a read

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