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Wow – this was (and still is) a very busy week. On most days, I just crashed early, without having the energy to blog very much (at least very much for me).

In the last dispatch, I forgot to mention I met Jimmy Wales who came to visit PLoS and we talked about Wikipedia and building online communities.

Under the fold are a bunch of new pictures…

Professor Steve Steve got to meet the CEO of PLoS:
i-cba464621df2ab4da133f9f0f947ac4c-Peter Jerram and Steve Steve 1.jpg
…and they quickly bonded:
i-dc755fc9cd8e6d9a3874937ef9698d15-Peter Jerram and Steve Steve 2.jpg

Yesterday, I went to lunch with the Editors:
i-a39c703c523ca26faeacecc3519b6bfd-Lunch with editors.jpg
i-7c2f7d5465d0c3c5f7f071c27974292c-Lunch with editors 2.jpg
i-246b422924d88ecf48af906576b4b5a7-Lunch with editors 3.jpg
i-2957375bed06bb06236ce7eed4ed46a0-Lunch with editors 4.jpg

Then, after all the work was done, I was exhausted and I had to walk about 1.5 miles during the rush hour to meet yet another blogger….Oh, no – that was not just yet another blogger! It was a most amazing afternoon with a totally great guy – Rich McPhearson of the magnificient Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets blog, one of the first of the growing number of bloggers focused on marine conservation.
i-6cef791a494acc119825e66d78046b2f-Rick 1.jpg
i-16f9a7ff16819e00b888b417038b6e9d-Rick 2.jpg

My exhaustion and neck cramps disappeared during a delightful ferry-ride to Oakland, passing the Bay Bridge, the Treasure Island and the Alameda Island (where they film much of Mythbusters show, as well as many outdoor scenes in Matrix II). Rick really knows the area, so he gave me a brief history of the place, and then we chatted about everything: blogging, Open Access, marine conservation, Bay Area, Berkeley, what to see in San Francisco, and, most importantly, Jack London, a passion for whose books we both share.

I am one of those people who picks up a book, likes it, then tracks down many books by the same author and reads them all one after another. Back when I was very young (perhaps 10?), they re-translated collected works of Jack London and I borrow each one of them from the library and read them all. I was probably far too young to really grok them – perhaps I should re-read some of them now. ‘Martin Eden’, the very first London book I read, is still one of my most favourite books of all time (thanks, Mom, for making me read it).
i-d4d3727d316ee8338e074243c43ea127-Rick 3.jpg

So, we went to Jack London Square and had a beer at The First And Last Chance and talked and talked and talked, until I had to get on a ferry to go back. It was so much fun! Perhaps we can get together again while I am still here.
i-8fb2b29e363476ea562b4f063340800b-Rick 4.jpg

Rick has posted more pictures, embedded in an extremely flattering post about that pleasant afternoon.

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  1. #1 PhysioProf
    July 13, 2007

    I don’t know if you like oysters and other seafood. But if you do, you must try the Swan Oyster Depot, on the corner of California and Polk. They are only open for lunch, and only Monday through Friday.

    And if you are taking the rest of the afternoon off, you can ask for a shot of their “house aged tequila” (aged in wood barrels right over the oyster bar) as an after-meal drink.

  2. #2 PhysioProf
    July 13, 2007

    Oh, I just looked at the photos you posted. Hemai is an old and dear friend. We were first-year grad students together. Tell her I said hello!

  3. #3 Rick MacPherson
    July 13, 2007

    for the record, bora’s camera adds a good 50-60 pounds onto your picture…
    yeesh, i need to cut back on the bacon!

  4. #4 coturnix
    July 15, 2007

    Rick: the statement about my camera is true. It was so nice to meet you (and my mother was very pleased with the comment I made about Martin Eden). We’ll have to do a repeat.

    PhysioProf: Hemai said Hello to you, too!

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