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Jonathan Eisen, Rosie Redfield and Douglas Theobald destroy the especially egregious example of bad media reporting on the “function of appendix” paper.

Kate does not dance around the issue when discussing a study on the relationship between lapdancers’ earnings and where they are in their monthly cycles.

Anne-Marie went into the caves and spent the day sexing bats

Did T.rex give us a finger? Two? Three?

The neurology of Alice in Wonderland – so cool!

In praise of yeast.

The Economy of Prestige (see: Nobel Prizes).

Math, Science and Art: Fibonacci Numbers, the Cochlea, and Poetry.

What is cryptozoology?

How to eat a cephalopod.

The coolest interactive Periodic Table ever!

Al Gore’s so-called ‘errors’.


  1. #1 Laelaps
    October 13, 2007

    Now we just need to find a tyrannosaur with feather impressions to use the “Did T. rex flip us the bird?” joke.

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