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After we froze at the pub, Karen, Malcolm, Mo, Joe, MissPrism, Nick, Matt, Kara, Professor Steve Steve and I went to a Polish restaurant called Daquise, where we had good food and too much to drink, including a couple of shots of slivowitza….

i-52803f16e5e640516e4745b6094c9390-Eurotrip08 048.jpg
i-f94870755b0286f5e9f1f5f451c38df5-Eurotrip08 049.jpg
i-156760abad66edddc785f79724f10660-Eurotrip08 050.jpg
i-93156d0db3a0d8a3bc05d221b8e1ab91-Eurotrip08 051.jpg
i-9844e7fec22649a1f290a92143b0402a-Eurotrip08 052.jpg
i-614d1aa45a7fd0c4851fc14397c5c1d2-Eurotrip08 053.jpg
i-d3067e7ea0e13571a33169675762fd5c-Eurotrip08 054.jpg
i-fa176aa99e4fbe5ae85e3e274d689b4e-Eurotrip08 055.jpg
i-cbb71c60e792098c6d968206d83597e3-Eurotrip08 056.jpg
i-47e7fc0f5ac341f24608d117fc03bc33-Eurotrip08 057.jpg


  1. #1 Onyx
    April 13, 2008

    Polish food-my favorite, I would take it easy on the slivovitza though 🙂

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