A Blog Around The Clock


After four days – last three of which I had no internet access – and after11 hours of travel door-to-door (or 8 hours from entering an airport and exiting another airport), I am home. Exhausted.

As I knew that several other Sciblings had to deal with the chaos of NYC air-travel this weekend. We were prepared – took it slowly and easily. Read a book. Could not login to JetBlue wireless (I think my PLoS laptop has so many layers of security, it does not allow me to connect to public wifi deemed too dangerous – that’s why I need to get myself a Mac AirBook, or a Wee, for travel). People-watching. Napping. It was fine – no nervousness as we knew what to expect.

Will try to catch up with life, work and blogging as fast as I can. There will be more pictures, but I have to first check with some pseudonymous bloggers what pictures are OK or not-OK to post.