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Two years ago, when we all got together and did this, the result was this.

Last year, when even more of us got together and did this, the result was this.

Now, with the new editor, we are ready to do this again!

The Open Laboratory 2008 is in the works. The submissions have been trickling in all year, but it is time now to dig through your Archives for your best posts since December 20th 2007 and submit them. Submit one, or two, or several – no problem. Or ask your readers to submit for you.

Then take a look at your favourite bloggers and pick some of their best posts – don’t worry, we can deal with duplicate entries. Do not forget new and up-coming blogs – they may not know about the anthology – and submit their stuff as well.

And help us spread the word by embedding these buttons on your blogs and websites – clicking on them takes you to the submission form:

<a href=”http://openlab.wufoo.com/forms/submission-form/”&gt<img src=”http://scit.us/openlab/openlab08-submit.150.png”&gt</a&gt

<a href=”http://openlab.wufoo.com/forms/submission-form/”&gt<img src=”http://scit.us/openlab/openlab08-submit.200.png”&gt</a&gt

<a href=”http://openlab.wufoo.com/forms/submission-form/”&gt<img src=”http://scit.us/openlab/openlab08-submit.300.png”&gt</a&gt


  1. #1 Mimi
    September 15, 2008

    This is so exciting. I have so many good posts saved from this year!

  2. #2 Chad Orzel
    September 15, 2008

    Are you still doing this through Lulu, or are you getting a real publisher this year?

  3. #3 rpg
    September 15, 2008

    Is there a policy here against linking out?

    Let me do it for you:

    “Now, with the new editor, we are ready to do this again!”

    See. Much more civilized and sociable.

  4. #4 David Ng
    September 16, 2008

    Hey, if you guys are into a new cover for the latest edition, then let me know – it would be fun to come up with one.

  5. #5 David Bradley
    September 19, 2008

    I’ve got a stack of posts I’d like to offer, it’s really a case of knowing how to shortlist my own stuff and then deciding whether you guys would actually think it worthy of consideration…or not.

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