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i-ed27c715a178ec4f658781cf5c675fef-networking-event-flyer.jpgFrom WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) of Duke:

WiSE is partnering with ScienceOnline’09, a national science blogging and communication conference, to host a Triangle-wide networking event for women scientists, engineers, educators, researchers, science writers, and students. This event also includes many of our local women’s groups and promises to be a networking extravaganza. Following a networking reception with free light eats and drinks, there will be a presentation by our guest speaker, Rebecca Skloot, a freelance science writer, contributing editor at Popular Science, and correspondent for PBS’s NOVA scienceNOW. Our goal in hosting this networking event is to bring together local women’s groups to support joint efforts in community outreach and to support communication of science information and ideas to the general public.

If you have already registered for ScienceOnline’09 and checked the “I will attend Friday events” box, you are already registered for this event as well. If you are not registered for ScienceOnline’09, but you live in the area and want to attend the WiSE event only, you can register for it here. And you don’t need to be a woman ?

The program goes like this:

6:30 pm Doors open

7 – 8 pm Networking reception and informational booths with local women’s groups

8 – 9 pm Keynote talk by Rebecca Skloot: “Women, science, and storytelling: The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (a.k.a. HeLa), and one woman’s journey from scientist to writer”

I hear there will be good wine served there as well….


  1. #1 Isis the Scientist
    December 19, 2008

    What a great event! My hat’s off to ScienceOnline’09 for engaging in such a great partnership!

  2. #2 DNLee
    December 20, 2008

    I can’t wait.

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