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Let’s highlight some more of the participants of this year’s ScienceOnline09 conference:

Greg Laden is an anthropologist, a part time independent scholar and part time associate adviser with the Program for Individualized Learning at the the University of Minnesota and a prolific SciBling blogger. He will be on the panel
Hey, You Can’t Say That!

Benjamin Landis is a student in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke.

Patric Lane is the Health and Science Editor at UNC-Chapel Hill News Services.

Les Lang is the Director of Research Communications and Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Marketing in the Medical Center News Office at UNC.

Erica Lannan is a Signal Transduction researcher at the National Institute of Environemental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

Sol Lederman is the Consultant for US Dept of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information in Santa Fe (which he will show-and-tell) and a blogger.

Alex Lee is a production artist at a marketing company and blogs at Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Danielle Lee is an animal behavior researcher at the University of Missouri – St. Louis and blogs on Urban Science Adventures. She will co-moderate the session on Race in science – online and offline.

Tom Levenson is a professor of science writing and head of the graduate science writing program at MIT and he blogs on The Inverse Square Blog. He will co-moderate two sessions: one on How to become a (paid) science journalist: advice for bloggers and the other one: You are a science blogger but you want to publish a pop-sci book?.

Thomas Linden is the Anchor of Journal Watch Audio, the Director of the UNC Science & Medical Journalism Program and a blogger.

Peter Lipson is a physician and a blogger on Denialism blog. He will lead the workshop Blogging101 – how to get started and co-moderate the session on Anonymity, Pseudonymity – building reputation online.

Troy Livingston is the Vice President for Innovation and Learning at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC.

Corie Lok is the Overlord on Nature Network which she will show-and-tell.

Robert Luhn is the Communications Coordinator at the National Center for Science Education.

Kristian Lum is a student of Statistics at Duke.

Evelyn Lynge is the Co-President of the Jacksonville branch of the The American Association of University Women.