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A couple of German bloggers and I went to see the Butterfly House on the Island of Mainau. They had good cameras with lenses that allowed them to take extreme close-ups. I had to do with a little pocket camera, but a few pictures turned out decent enough to show:

i-e5bfce26085480cd76ca03751b957c64-Lindau 031.jpg
i-69a6149f8386b9dd6454ced10abd21b8-Lindau 032.jpg
i-b87da70bf1a47753b723685bafc1676b-Lindau 033.jpg
i-d9575ad996d37c36ab356a6d192e45e7-Lindau 035.jpg
i-d933d96b41248413e3ff331387c1bffc-Lindau 036.jpg
i-13cc408e620bb8da922489a71379014d-Lindau 037.jpg
i-2bd4835ba3ab9b3f516871683446da98-Lindau 038.jpg
i-5b38a6ae5eff40abd4078b88310d36d4-Lindau 039.jpg
i-22fe3ce1563e48c316113b5eef9e9ec9-Lindau 040.jpg
i-c0e0b5594e2409a82734149c269704e6-Lindau 041.jpg
i-2bb771ebca31f50bee43549f4cbc2a6d-Lindau 042.jpg
i-b103d8da3da7f12a71eec7c817f33010-Lindau 043.jpg
i-9483869d0fbf636470f306d9778b84b9-Lindau 050.jpg


  1. #1 Marc
    July 6, 2009

    Indeed the Butterfly House was amazing. Surprisingly, I took this acceptable photo of a blue butterfly. It should be noted that it was nearly impossible to photograph one of them.

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