The Butterfly House on the island of Mainau

A couple of German bloggers and I went to see the Butterfly House on the Island of Mainau. They had good cameras with lenses that allowed them to take extreme close-ups. I had to do with a little pocket camera, but a few pictures turned out decent enough to show:

i-e5bfce26085480cd76ca03751b957c64-Lindau 031.jpg
i-69a6149f8386b9dd6454ced10abd21b8-Lindau 032.jpg
i-b87da70bf1a47753b723685bafc1676b-Lindau 033.jpg
i-d9575ad996d37c36ab356a6d192e45e7-Lindau 035.jpg
i-d933d96b41248413e3ff331387c1bffc-Lindau 036.jpg
i-13cc408e620bb8da922489a71379014d-Lindau 037.jpg
i-2bd4835ba3ab9b3f516871683446da98-Lindau 038.jpg
i-5b38a6ae5eff40abd4078b88310d36d4-Lindau 039.jpg
i-22fe3ce1563e48c316113b5eef9e9ec9-Lindau 040.jpg
i-c0e0b5594e2409a82734149c269704e6-Lindau 041.jpg
i-2bb771ebca31f50bee43549f4cbc2a6d-Lindau 042.jpg
i-b103d8da3da7f12a71eec7c817f33010-Lindau 043.jpg
i-9483869d0fbf636470f306d9778b84b9-Lindau 050.jpg

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Ashutosh Jogalekar wrote the best summary of the panel on Climate Change held on the island of Mainau on the last day of the Lindau Nobel Meeting:
That was it, we're back. After six inspiring days in Lindau, the Nobel Laureates Meeting 2009 has ended. Eight authors blogged about it on ScienceBlogs Germany, plus we had further blogging guests such as PZ Myers, Bora Zivkovic and Seema Singh. I did not make myself heard in the last two days.…
Here are some more pictures from the domestic and wild animal life on the island:

Indeed the Butterfly House was amazing. Surprisingly, I took this acceptable photo of a blue butterfly. It should be noted that it was nearly impossible to photograph one of them.