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Belgrade ’09

As the Universiade is happening in Belgrade right now, the city is full of young people from around the world and there is a lot of cool stuff in town, including a variety of clay figurines emerging out of asphalt:

i-d95dd8607630db6e68b756a478826dda-Beograd09 047.jpg
i-20b428186c8dbda5d40e38eeb174327c-Beograd09 048.jpg
i-c30573bbcdae3ba0ab1c86a53ba10fea-Beograd09 049.jpg
i-1bb4472d0457c54397205d9b6b4eadd4-Beograd09 050.jpg
i-9ad751b86fb2f131ce2eceb2ec74341d-Beograd09 051.jpg
i-d2e6d4d2112a5f11d099611e4c32bdf8-Beograd09 052.jpg
i-fffe4b3a34e5f0c7dbbfdaa4886519ad-Beograd09 053.jpg
i-8694611f60dc6e4e64e2dabe5b29c89f-Beograd09 054.jpg
i-92e601aafa1546c3a24b2157e9eafb42-Beograd09 055.jpg
i-46dd0ad8fd7a078703cfa73f6b95feb1-Beograd09 056.jpg
i-02c7bedf67fdc13d3f9fa377b4e22a55-Beograd09 057.jpg
i-28f5d980176e3498dd4f6272674d7272-Beograd09 058.jpg


  1. #1 Ana Ivkovic
    July 10, 2009

    Woow, you posted very good pics of Belgrade.
    Nice town!
    I am impressed…:)

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