Belgrade '09

As the Universiade is happening in Belgrade right now, the city is full of young people from around the world and there is a lot of cool stuff in town, including a variety of clay figurines emerging out of asphalt:

i-d95dd8607630db6e68b756a478826dda-Beograd09 047.jpg
i-20b428186c8dbda5d40e38eeb174327c-Beograd09 048.jpg
i-c30573bbcdae3ba0ab1c86a53ba10fea-Beograd09 049.jpg
i-1bb4472d0457c54397205d9b6b4eadd4-Beograd09 050.jpg
i-9ad751b86fb2f131ce2eceb2ec74341d-Beograd09 051.jpg
i-d2e6d4d2112a5f11d099611e4c32bdf8-Beograd09 052.jpg
i-fffe4b3a34e5f0c7dbbfdaa4886519ad-Beograd09 053.jpg
i-8694611f60dc6e4e64e2dabe5b29c89f-Beograd09 054.jpg
i-92e601aafa1546c3a24b2157e9eafb42-Beograd09 055.jpg
i-46dd0ad8fd7a078703cfa73f6b95feb1-Beograd09 056.jpg
i-02c7bedf67fdc13d3f9fa377b4e22a55-Beograd09 057.jpg
i-28f5d980176e3498dd4f6272674d7272-Beograd09 058.jpg

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Yup, as soon as I land in Belgrade, I will be giving two lectures about Open Access and the Science Communication in the Age of Internet. The first one, this Tuesday at 11am, will be in the beautiful hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, sponsored by the Serbian Museum Association…
OK, I posted a lot of pictures of Belgrade and my Mom's food so far, but the real business was on Tuesday, when I gave two talks about Open Access, PLoS, Science 2.0, the future of the scientific paper, Open Notebook Science and science blogging. In the morning, I gave a talk in the gallery of the…
Next month: Science & Politics
More pictures from the Museum: We found a Coturnix: Enormous insects: Linnaeus, Ernst Mayr and Charles Darwin: