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i-0fc3fb6f52d8b7207a8aa9766d343a35-scienceonline2010logoMedium.jpgAs you know you can see everyone who’s registered for the conference, but I highlight 4-6 participants every day as this may be an easier way for you to digest the list. You can also look at the Program so see who is doing what.

Sheril Kirshenbaum is a good friend, a marine biologist and a former SciBling. She blogs at The Intersection, has co-authored “Unscientific America” and written the forthcoming “The Science of Kissing”. After proclaiming she’d never do it, she succumbed to Twitter as well. At the conference, Sheril will co-moderate the session “Online Civility and Its (Muppethugging) Discontents”.

Karen James is a postdoc in the Department of Botany at the Natural History Museum in London, UK. Another veteran of our conferences, Karen is the force behind the Beagle Project. She blogs on the Beagle Project Blog and her own Data Not Shown blog and is a force on Twitter. At the conference, Karen will co-moderate the session “Broader Impact Done Right” and demo the “Darwin and the Adventure – The (i)Movie”.

Ashley Sue Allen, formerly the Community Content Liaison at NBC 17 ~ WNCN, is a writer and editor who now blogs on Green Grounded and Lumineux! and is on Twitter.

Xan Gregg, another veteran of our conferences, works in the JMP scientific statistical software division at SAS and writes a great blog about scientific visualization FORTH GO. And he can be found on Twitter (perhaps the conference will make him more active there!) as well.

Roger Harris is an independent social communications consultant and certainly has an interesting life story, combining science, writing, adventure and the Web. He has recently gone solo, with his Harris Social Media, blogs on TwitterThoughts and, as you can expect, tweets.


  1. #1 Sheril R. Kirshenbaum
    November 3, 2009

    Looking forward to being there!

  2. #2 Ashley Sue Allen
    November 3, 2009

    Thank you for the highlight, Bora! I am so excited to attend and meet all of the amazing, inspired, progressive minds attending Science Online 2010!