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Chilies To Drive For

Someone around these parts was writing about chilies
recently, but failed to mention the best: Mesilla Valley chilies.
sells “New Mexico chilies.”  Although it would be better for
them to specify “Mesilla Valley” chilies, the vast majority of New
Mexico chilies are from the Mesilla Valley.

From September 28 to October 3, 2006, Zingerman’s is having their “New
Mexico Chile Harvest Specials

New Mexico Chile Harvest Specials: How Hot is Your Chile?
When:    September 28th
– October 3 at 7pm
September is chile harvest in New Mexico and there will be roadside
stands dedicated to roasting this state’s firey food! This month the
Roadhouse is celebrating the flavors of New Mexico. We’re celebrating
the harvest by serving specials which showcase the firey flavors of the
New Mexico Green Chile.
How Much:    A La Carte
Menu. Prices Vary

Zingerman’s agrees that these are the best.  If you still
don’t believe me, check out this
program on the Splendid Table

Note that the quality has nothing to do with how hot they are.
 It is the favor that persist, after the hotness fades, that
makes the difference.  Plus how full of sunshine you feel for
the rest of the day.