The Corpus Callosum

Answer: They both look the other way.

A recent article in Wired details how Kevin Poulsen
caught a registered sex offender by scanning  MySpace

Predator Caught by Code

…I’ve been invited here to witness the end-game of a police
investigation that grew from 1,000 lines of computer code I wrote and
executed some five months earlier. The automated script searched
MySpace’s 1 million-plus profiles for registered sex offenders — and
soon found one that was back on the prowl for seriously underage boys.

That’s something that MySpace has said it cannot do…

This is reminiscent of another recent story about :

to Foley Testifies on Warning

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 — A longtime aide to former Representative
Mark Foley

testified before the House ethics committee for nearly five hours on
Thursday, repeating under oath his account of having explicitly warned
Speaker J. Dennis
’s office at least three years ago that Mr.
Foley should be told to keep his distance from Congressional pages.

The aide, Kirk Fordham, was the first sworn witness to appear before
the bipartisan ethics panel, which is investigating whether any
Republican leaders knew about Mr. Foley’s conduct, which was
ultimately exposed in a series of sexually explicit exchanges with
former pages, and whether anything was done about it…

So social responsibility is not a family value?


  1. #1 Mixter
    October 17, 2006

    Nope. Telling other people how to live is a family value.


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