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Freshman 3.63 Kg

More headline comparisons:

College kids add on pounds past 1st year
Jose Mercury News,  USA –
hours ago

BOSTON – The “Freshman 15” is more like 5 to 7, but it is followed by
the “Sophomore 2 or 3,” say researchers who led two of

Freshman 15: Weighty Issues –
1 hour ago

the proverbial ‘freshman 15’ may be a slight exaggeration, researchers
have warned that this could be followed by a ‘sophomore 2 or 3’
signaling a

College Students Don’t Gain
“That Much” Weight

Canada Now, Canada –
hours ago

new studies show that college and university freshman may not put on as
many pounds as originally thought, but researchers say some students
continue to

However you slant it, you first have to start with pure description:
what is it that actually happens?  But then, you have to
figure out what it means.

Researchers blamed academic stress, changes in family
support, alcohol and the easy availability of fatty food as the main
causes for the weight gain.

What I want to know is, do we really have to find something to blame?
 How does this compare to people who do not go to college?
 Is this part of the natural growth trajectory, and not a sign
of something pathological?  After all, there is no reason to
think that people stop growing when they turn 18.  

Rather than starting from the assumption that weight gain in college is
unhealthy, we should focus on getting people to eat healthier diets and
to get more exercise.  

After all, putting too much focus on weight could run the risk of
promoting the development of disordered eating and other insalubrious
behaviors, which obviously would be counterproductive.


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