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Live Blogging Superbowl pt. 13

Part thirteen

The commentators are talking a lot about how brilliant the winning
coach is, even though the game is not quite over. 

Are there any lessons to be drawn from this game?  No.  Super
Bowl games usually are not very good, and this one was no
exception.  It was exceptionally sloppy, and there were other
unusual things about it, but in the end, it is just another game. 
Except for those who made a ton of money. 

Tomorrow, we get the treat of all the Monday-morning quarterbacking,
plus the annual ritual of talking about the new advertisements that
premiered during the game. 


  1. #1 The Ridger
    February 4, 2007

    I only watched about 2 minutes total – switching over during commercials to check the score – but this game does at least put a ring on Peyton Manning’s finger and hopefully put an end to the talk about how he can’t win the big ones.

  2. #2 Joseph j7uy5
    February 4, 2007

    You have a point. I remember I did not particularly care for the Broncos, but was glad when they won the Super Bowl, and John Elway finally got a ring.

  3. #3 Kevin W. Parker
    February 5, 2007

    Lessons to be learned? Sure! When you’ve got a mediocre quarterback playing in a downpour, and your running and short passing game are working, don’t call for a long pass downfield.

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