The Corpus Callosum

General Medicine Advice

flush your old prescriptions
, or other medications.
 They end up in the water, and that is bad.  Just
throw them away.  If you are concerned about someone digging
through your trash, then mix them with used kitty litter or some other
noxious substance.

Also, remember that those prescription labels have personal information
of them.  You might want to obliterate that before you throw
out the bottles.

And of course, the federal government has official
for disposal of medications.


  1. #1 Greg P
    March 16, 2007

    If we could just stop all these patients who are constantly “accidentally” flushing them.

  2. #2 Joseph j7uy5
    March 16, 2007

    Oh, you get those stories too? I thought I was the only one.

  3. #3 blf
    March 16, 2007

    I haven’t live in the USA for yonks, so please forgive me if this is a “stupid” question, but: Are there any warnings on the label?

    I completely concur it’s a dumb dumb thing to do, but what efforts are being made to remind people not to do it–especially at the time they are likely to do it, years and years (probably) after the prescription was handed out and someone heard the warnings…?

  4. #4 Joseph j7uy5
    March 17, 2007

    No, there is no warning label for that. Most Rx’s have several stickers on them that nobody seems to read anyway, so there probably is no point. It is not a bad idea, it’s just that it is hard to get people to pay attention.

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