Kininmonth in the Age

Oh, great. After getting his bogus claims about climate models into the Australian, Kininmonth now has them in the Age:

The IPCC radiative forcing hypothesis ignores the atmospheric and ocean circulations that transport surplus solar energy from the tropics to polar regions. Nowhere are local temperatures due solely to radiation processes, a fact that goes to underscore the fallacy of the hypothesis.

It takes about two minutes with Google for anyone to find out that global climate models do include atmospheric and ocean circulations. What’s disappointing about this is that back in November the Age had a story about Kininmonth in the Science section which had comments from scientists about Kininmonth’s arguments were no good. But now he gets an article in the Business section. What is going on?


  1. #1 Chris Jarrett
    July 8, 2005

    What’s going on? Most likely – Kininmonth knows how to convince lazy newspaper reporters.

  2. #2 William
    July 8, 2005

    Its pretty scary the level of rubbish that gets published. Whats even scarier is to realise that a lot of people will believe it and will subsequently probably defend it as well-written truth. Argh!

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