A kill file is a feature of most Usenet news readers that allowed to permanently discard all posts from a particular user without even having to look at them.

A couple of my readers have asked about a kill file for comments here. Daniel Martin has a script that provides a kill file. You need Greasemonkey and Firefox to use it.

I’m going to follow PZ Myers’s example and list all the commenters that are banned or on moderation. For definitions of the terms, see PZ Myers. The list below is the current list — changes since the original post are not indicated.


Commenter Why Comments
Graeme Bird aka GMB, BeNice, Stopit, Catastrophic etc Stupidity, Morphing, Stupidity, Wanking, Stupidity, Stupidity, Stupidity Bird has been banned or placed on moderation in pretty well every place where has posted. Has his own blog where he doesn’t allow comments that disagree with him to stand. Sample: (On Real Climate) Can somebody hack their site and fucking destroy it?
JC aka Joe Cambria, Dave Curry, S Brid, Pessimist etc Trolling, Trolling, Sockpuppetry Morphing After I caught him with his hand up the sock, he accused me, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, of using socks. Fumento actually believed him.
Sample email: If I don’t get a public apology on your website, I WILL be seeing an
attorney to see if there is a shot at legal remedy. So take a roll of the
dice. I don’t know the law as yet. But if there is a shot at going for it I
will be seeing you in court. I can afford to have a lil fun. I am wondering
if you can? Oh, and by the way, don’t try to hire a UNSW lawyer for free, a
PR firm will put a stop to that. Roll the dice Timmy.

Sample comment:Lampert’s site … is the most resource rich in terms of finding an entire group of complete, unembarrassed unreconstructed Marxist lunatics all revved up by Lampert himself to bodily attack right wingers. … I always found it such fun. It was like teasing wild beasts using oneself as bait in a large open door cage. It was such a thrill in running to and then quickly closing the cage door as the wild animals attacked the bars that made in into a regular day sporting event in terms of getting a work out without ever having to go to gym.
Tim Curtin aka Tam O’Shanter, Roger Champion, Arthur T Wall, Tony Wall, Reality Check Trolling, Trolling, Sockpuppetry, Morphing Accused me of disemvowelling everyone who disagreed with me, even though he knew this was untrue.

On Moderation

Commenter Why Comments
JF Beck aka THX 1139, BBGGun, S Whiplash Trolling, Sockpuppetry, Trolling, Stupidity, Trolling This Monty Python sketch gives you the feel of what an argument with Beck is like.
Has his own blog full of posts about me. Sample post: “That brings us to the word of the week: Lambert, to attempt to refute an opposing argument or proposition through counter-argument or proposition based on subtly misrepresented facts; one who so argues (see liar).”

The title of this post comes from Usenet jargon for the sound of someone being dropped into your kill file.


  1. #1 JohnZ
    April 29, 2007

    Tim, can you organise one of these for Catallaxy?

  2. #2 Tim Lambert
    April 29, 2007

    If catallaxy tweaked their templates slightly it would work there. I suggested that they do this and gave instructions, but they weren’t interested.

  3. #3 Thom
    April 29, 2007

    Am somewhat torn on the banning of nitwits like JF Beck. Sometimes, half the fun is reading his stupid comments.

  4. #4 Thom
    April 29, 2007

    Lambert, I need to amend my above statement. After reading comments on the “Wolfowitz deputy tried to water down references to climate change” post, it might be time to institute some moderation for David Duff.

    We are all made more stupid by reading his comments.

    And on his blog, he’s rambling about reading Climate Audit.

  5. #5 Barry Brook
    August 17, 2008

    Interesting – as an independent experiment, I have had each of the above three visit my site now.

    I gave all the full benefit of the doubt, yet within a week I’d been forced to (a) ban Bird for abusive insults, (b) ban JC for direct physical threats of bloodletting, and (c) henceforth moderate everything Tim Curtin says, because (amongst other veiled insults to various and sundry) he was driving me up the wall with his increasingly delusional mathematics regarding CO2 accumulation – and his refusal to submit his rebuttal to Nature.

    Some things never change, I guess.

  6. #6 Bernard J.
    August 17, 2008


    It seems that in one succinct week you’ve managed to encapsulate the essence of three notorious Denialist wingnuts.

    Most especially, Bird has a mouth on him that would make a pirate blush (I’d advise again reading marohasy’s blog for just this reason alone), and Curtin has been pushing his bizarre CO2 smashematics for several years at least, with demonstrated total resistance to the fact that he is simply wrong.

    And it is these people who are a part of the voice of Denialism.

    Says it all really, doesn’t it…?

  7. #7 Barry Brook
    September 1, 2008

    And so the circle of 3 closes and thermodynamic equilibrium is restored…

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