Skeptics’ Circle 62

Put together by Thursday, read it here.


  1. #1 Timothy Allen
    June 22, 2007

    Anyone who tries to refute alarmist claims is caught with a problem.

    Since the alarmists refuse to come up with any evidence whatsoever they leave no material for anyone to refute.

    Its pretty clear that the watts-per-square-meter paradigm is not only wrong but silly.

    A new paradigm will have to replace it and these things can start off pretty crude and clunky.

    The development of a more sensible paradigm is not assisted by the presence of idiots with no interst in scientific evidence trying to nitpick the evidence of others while offering none themselves.

  2. #2 Nathan Sevitt
    June 22, 2007

    Wow? I didn’t think anyone would make comments like this in such hostile territory. Gutsy. But I don’t think Mr Deltoid will let your comment stand.

  3. #3 Timothy Allen
    June 22, 2007

    I don’t mind so much whether “Mr Deltoid” wipes the comments or not. I’d just be happy if he came up with some evidence for the watts-per-square meter paradigm in its current form.

  4. #4 Eli Rabett
    June 22, 2007

    And dear Tim, your evidence for the watts per sq meter paradigm being wrong is?

    Gentlemen, the new pinata is mounted and ready for play