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The 2009 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates in Environmental Microbiology at UNLV is now accepting applications. This NSF supported program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to perform independent research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Students will collaborate with faculty mentors in developing and carrying out hypothesis-based projects on microorganisms from diverse habitats such as hot springs, the deep terrestrial subsurface, hypersaline lakes, arid soils, and ephemeral water sources. Students may also choose to explore the mechanisms of magnetotaxis, microbial adaptation to stressful and nonhost environments, or the dynamics between primary producers and consumers.

Students receive a $4,500 stipend, round trip airfare, food
allowance, and complimentary housing in a UNLV dormitory.
The program dates are June 1 to Aug 7, 2009.

Please direct your biology students to the on-line application and
list of potential mentors at http://sols.unlv.edu/reu_main.html. The
deadline for applications is Saturday March 7, 2009.

A complete application includes a one page career essay, transcripts,
and two letters of recommendation from science instructors.

Students enrolled in biotechnology programs at two-year colleges are
strongly encouraged to apply.


  1. #1 kaan
    January 17, 2009

    i wish i would be there work when i hear student words this mean ”need money” becasue in world for study almost everyhwere expensive and need money ,im student but open university and working sometimes for students look like future bad future coming sometimes its ok,by the way its good program celebrate you.

  2. #2 Johannes Malatji
    August 26, 2011

    I’need skill and experience,an undergraduate student at UNISA, majoring with Biochemistry and microbiology.doing a third year please!

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