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Blaine Bettinger has an absolutely wonderful post where he compares his results for type 2 diabetes from 23andMe and DeCODEme.

I really liked his post and I appreciated the way he showed the data from the two companies and elaborated on their interpretation of his genotype and his risk.

Interestingly, his story goes beyond a simple relationship, where one base changes, one amino acid changes, and voila! you’ve got the disease.

Bettinger describes what happens when there are changes in multiple genes and how those changes can have a cumulative effect on evaluating the risk of developing a disease.

H/T The Daily Scan


  1. #1 Lee Essner
    January 9, 2010

    Thought you might find this additional information about the genetics of type 2 diabetes and available testing options useful: http://www.accessdna.com/condition/Diabetes/117

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