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Volokh on Accusations of Moral Relativism

Eugene Volokh is guest-blogging for Glenn Reynolds on MSNBC and has written an excellent essay on the commonly-heard accusation that liberals exhibit moral relativism. Very well analyzed and fair-minded.


  1. #1 Matthew Phillips
    September 26, 2004

    I often hear the moral relavist cliche get thrown around when talking about liberals, but I rarely hear any specific examples of when it is practiced.

    On the other hand, christian conservatives use moral relativism all the time. Whenever criticisms of the bible are thrown at them, specifically the cruel punishments handed out in the old testament and the endorsement of slavery that is spread throughout the bible, apologists often use the “different culture” excuse. If that’s not moral relativism, I don’t know what is.

  2. #2 eon
    September 27, 2004

    I used to be a regular reader of the Volokh Conspiracy, though my attention has lately migrated elsewhere, and I respect Mr. Volokh’s intellect more than most.


    I have a hard time taking seriously anyone who sees the political landscape in the empty terms *liberal* and *conservative.* Too many have bought into the dumbing-down of the language in recent years, and this distinction is right in the superficiality vortex that brought us “the axis of evil.”

    The thing that kills me — every damn day — is that people will vote for George Bush because he doesn’t come off sounding *too* smart, and they connect with him because of that. I just don’t know how you fight that.


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