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Damn, I wish I’d said that

“The point is, if millions of heterosexual divorces every year have not hopelessly denigrated the institution of marriage, why would some thousands of same-sex marriages do so? If straights like reactionary radio commentator and drug-head Rush Limbaugh can get married again and again without undermining the institution, what is so threatening about a gay union? Does Limbaugh feel that gay marriage makes a mockery of all three of his past marriages—and his pending fourth? If anything, happy gays wanting to get into the institution might help make up for all those unhappy straights wanting to get out.”

——Michael Parenti


  1. #1 Ed Darrell
    September 28, 2004

    Perhaps we should amend the “marriage” amendment to outlaw multiple marriages by right-wing commentators. It’d only affect a few hundred people, but certainly it would improve the moral tone on the air by several times.

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