Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Okay, it’s official. I’m old. It doesn’t seem possible that I’m old enough to be having a 20 year class reunion. Yikes.


  1. #1 OGeorge
    February 28, 2005

    And I’m old enough (but not bright enough) to be your father…this makes me feel beyond ancient.

  2. #2 carpundit
    February 28, 2005

    Mine’s coming up this May.
    To make things worse, my classmates include a famous Hollywood actor seen on TV last night; the EVP and President-in-Waiting of a multi-billion dollar home products corporation; several authors; and at least two multi-millionaire computer guys. In addition to feeling old, I feel inadequate.
    My wife says I’m being stupid. Still….

  3. #3 ~DS~
    February 28, 2005

    38? Ed you’re just a kid.

  4. #4 Ed Brayton
    February 28, 2005

    37, actually.

  5. #5 Lynn
    March 1, 2005

    I sometimes wonder how you gained so much wisdom in only 37 years.
    I have learned more from you in the past 2 years than I learned in the 30 previous years.
    I can hardly wait to see how brilliant I will be when I am 50 LOL

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