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Am I a Conservative?

There’s a site called Unpartisan.com that links to my site a lot. Unpartisan.com is a computer-generated RSS feed that tracks big news stories and the reaction to them from around the blogosphere, then provides links to them. They pride themselves on covering both left and right equally because the computer picks all of the blog stories and links to them without bias or comment:

Unpartisan.com is a political site that blends news, discussion, and commentary from all over the internet. There are thousands of political weblogs all over the internet comprising two distinct political spheres. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare that these spheres ever intersect or even meet. It is our mission here at unpartisan.com not to get everyone together at the table to discuss our differences and reach a compromise, but to at least offer a forum where each side can at least see what the other has to say.

But here’s the odd thing, from my perspective: they have me classified under conservative blogs. How did they reach that determination? Well, here’s their explanation:

The categorization of blogs is determined by which types of blogs link to you and who you link to. If the majority of sites that link to you are known to be conservative and the majority of the sites you link to are known to be conservative, you get lumped in with the conservative blogs. This tends to work close to 98% of the time, and saves me the time of analyzing every single blog that is listed here.

This seems to beg the question just a bit, doesn’t it? If categorization is based solely on how many liberal and conservative blogs link to me or I link to, how was it determined whether those blogs were liberal or conservative? By the number of links from liberal or conservative blogs? At some point, someone has to categorize the blogs politically in order for this to work and have some definition of them.

Ah well. If someone from that site sees this post, please don’t take it as a real complaint. I’m happy to have the links regardless of how I’m categorized. I have some views that would be considered conservative and some liberal, but mostly I’m in the moderate libertarian camp. I’m just amused that with all the criticism I aim at conservatives, I’d get classified as one. And frankly, you can label me a neo-Nazi pagan warmonger for all I care (just don’t label me a vegetarian…or a Celine Dion lover; even I have my limits).


  1. #1 Matthew
    October 3, 2005

    You have to try awfully hard to fit into one category or the other.

  2. #2 spyder
    October 3, 2005

    Well, all i can hope for is that we are blessed with more and more citizens of your particular brand of conservatism then. Sure you are well to my right, but most are, and yet you have consistently articulated principled views honoring the most enlightened liberal(in the proverbial classical sense) foundations of human rights and respect for same.

  3. #3 Troy Britain
    October 4, 2005

    And frankly, you can label me a neo-Nazi pagan warmonger for all I care (just don’t label me a vegetarian…or a Celine Dion lover…

    This just in, conservative blogger Ed Brayton admits to being a quote, “neo-Nazi pagan warmonger”, unquote, while simultaneously denying that he is a, quote, “vegetarian…Celine Dion lover”, unquote.

    Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much and frankly I think we can all agree that if Mr. Brayton (Nazi Dion loving swine) had any decency whatsoever he would immediately find himself a tall building (or bridge) and leap off of it.

    We now return you to the normal, rational, world where Harriet Miers is the most qualified candidate in the country for the Supreme Court of the United Sates.

  4. #4 Ed Brayton
    October 4, 2005


    If you weren’t 3000 miles away, I’d come to your house and play “My Heart Will Go On” for hours on end. With earplugs in, of course.

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