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Another Victory on Gay Adoption

The Arkansas Supreme Court has handed us another major victory for gay adoptions, ruling that the state’s child welfare board cannot prohibit gays from being foster parents.

“There is no correlation between the health, welfare and safety of foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual,” Associate Justice Donald Corbin wrote in the opinion.

In addition, the court said, the testimony of a Child Welfare Agency Review Board member demonstrated that “the driving force between adoption of the regulations was not to promote the health, safety and welfare of foster children but rather based upon the board’s views of morality and its bias against homosexuals.”



  1. #1 Dan
    June 30, 2006

    Bravo, indeed. Proof that, as you have observed here many times, Ed, the social tide is turning. It’s interesting to watch the interplay between law and social beliefs.

  2. #2 FishyFred
    June 30, 2006

    I’d like to see the reaction that gets covered in the Agape Press.

    On second thought, maybe I’d rather not.

  3. #3 Treban
    June 30, 2006

    WHAT?!? Being raised in a household of gays isn’t bad for the health and safety of children. Next they’ll be saying that being raised in a stable, caring environment is good for kids – even if the providers are – gay. This is a slippery slope folks – of course at the bottom lies a free society.

  4. #4 Jim Satterfield
    June 30, 2006

    Of course Governor Huckabee has already stated that he plans on calling on the state legislature to immediately pass a law to override this immoral decision

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