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This comment is rather blunt even for someone of DaveScot’s loutishness. Speaking of the Dover plaintiffs, he endorses bullying their children and committing vandalism to drive them out of town:

I hope someone keeps track of the 11 parents and their children. Everyone in Dover knows damn well that no children were forced to listen to the 60 second announcement regarding evolution and intelligent design. So what you have is 11 parents whose religious hostility extended to such a trivial matter they were willing to make the tiny school district pay a million dollars.

I grew up in a small town and when a few people pull crap like that that hurts everyone there will be payback. I won’t be at all surprised if the children of these parents are so badly ostracized and abused by other students that they’re forced to find another school and the parents will be snubbed and insulted and their cars keyed and their coworkers and supervisors making their lives miserable that they’ll all end up moving away.

I hope that’s all tracked so that the next group of parents that gets their panties in a bunch and volunteers to the be the designated shitheads know what it’s going to cost them.

Very nice, Dave. Let’s endorse the bullying and abuse of children and the destruction of property toward people you disagree with. What a jerk.


  1. #1 Jim Ramsey
    July 8, 2006

    I think Dave/Larry is ignoring the subsequent election.

    It will take intimidating more than 11 families, I think

  2. #2 Keanus
    July 8, 2006

    As so often happens, DaveScot’s (or Larry the impersonator) posting reveals far more about himself than his opponents. His lack of morals, Christian or otherwise, are conspicuously visible for all to see. It just goes to show that when someone wraps themselves in the flag and stands on the Bible, he/she/it is invariably mean spirited and devoid of morals.

  3. #3 Chance
    July 8, 2006

    I won’t be at all surprised if the children of these parents are so badly ostracized and abused by other students that they’re forced to find another school

    Unless of course they are the captain of the football team or a cheerleader. Then people won’t say a word.

    I don’t know how you stomach reading this guy day after day Ed. He has it exactly backwards, the town should be upset at the ignorant people they put in charge of their educational system requiring a group of parents to reset the district on a correct course.

    His threats of violence simply show an immature and potentially unstable mind.

  4. #4 Ed Brayton
    July 8, 2006

    Well yeah, he obviously ignores reality here. The blame for that suit and the cost it incurred should go to the old school board, who ignored not only their own lawyer but even the Discovery Institute, who told them not to do it or they would lose an expensive lawsuit. Then they had the gall to lie in Federal court to try and cover their butts. But not, let’s blame the kids and bully them to “send a message”. This is moral insanity.

  5. #5 Leni
    July 8, 2006

    Good lord. I don’t know how you can stand reading that man’s posts. They are offensively stupid. Not to mention that blog is just butt-ugly. Even yahoo messenger looks better that that. It’s like a multi-pronged assault on every standard of decency there is.

    Amusingly, Larry actually disagreed with him about harassing plaintifs. Of course, not because it’s a dispicable thing to do, but because it can get you sued.

  6. #6 tacitus
    July 8, 2006

    DaveScot is certainly a leading ID sycophant and rabidly Republican, but I don’t believe he claims to be a Christian. Mind you, that gives him even less of an excuse for his warped sense of moral outrage.

    He’s a little man with big ideas and nothing to show for it. He claims to be a self-made multi-millionaire when in truth he just happened to be a Dell employee with stock options at the right time during the 90s. He claims to have taught himself more about science that he could have going to college (he’s autodidactic, don’t ya know) when in reality everything he’s learned is from reading popular science magazines like SciAm.

    And so on.

    The amusing thing is that in making grandiose claims about his abilities and accomplishments he simply reveals to all (who care to notice) how much of a paper tiger he really is.

  7. #7 RandomGuy
    July 8, 2006

    If it’s such a “trivial matter” why is Dave so upset? Why isn’t he suggesting hunting down the old schoolboard for costing the distric so much money for something so “trivial”? I feel sorry for Dave’s parents.

  8. #8 wheatdogg
    July 8, 2006

    Dave is jumping on the “intimidate plaintiffs” bandwagon. Both Stop the ACLU Coalition and wingnut blogger Rocco DiPippohave posted private citizens’ addresses and phones online this past week, in retaliation for so-called unAmerican activities.

  9. #9 Matthew
    July 8, 2006

    I’d be careful Ed, from reading Larry’s blog I can tell that he’s complete obsessed with you. He seems to respond to nearly everything you write.

  10. #10 Sexy Sadie
    July 8, 2006

    He can’t come to terms with the fact that his side lost in the Dover case, so he resorts to wishing innocent children harm. That is so DaveScott.

  11. #11 Seraph
    July 10, 2006

    The man is scum, but he’s not necessarily wrong about what’s going to happen. It’s entirely possible that the people of Dover will blame the plaintiffs for their “attack on religion”, rather than blaming the school board for their illegal actions in “defending” it.

    Of course, as Jim Ramsey pointed out, it’s possible that they *won’t*. Here’s hoping.

  12. #12 Kristine
    November 14, 2006

    I grew up in a small town and when a few people pull crap like that that hurts everyone there will be payback.

    Oooooh. I really did grow up in a small town. “Payback” hurts the small town by causing a brain drain (just ask my small town).

    Davey made that self-made millionaire claim at my blog too. I know a poseur when I see one. He may indeed have moolah but he’s still no computer scientist or biologist no matter how many gen Sci mags he drags his finger across.

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