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MCFS Press Release

I just sent a press release to our media contacts around the state of Michigan concerning the DeVos campaign and their false claims of being misrepresented. You can read that press release here.


  1. #1 Pieter B
    September 22, 2006

    Is it too late to correct the spelling of “devastation”?

    Sorry, I’m a congenital proofreader, and things like that just leap off the page at me. It’s a curse.

  2. #2 Michael Heath
    September 22, 2006

    Ed – I never got a reply back on my email to Team DeVos asking them to clarify DeVos’ position on promoting ID in the science classrooms vs. non-science classrooms. Will update you on that response if I ever get one.

  3. #3 Ed Brayton
    September 22, 2006

    Thanks Michael. And thanks for forwarding the previous reply to me, that’s obviously what led to the press release. Been fielding emails from reporters all day.

  4. #4 FishyFred
    September 22, 2006


    Are you quoted in any articles? It’s okay to brag a little when you get a mention in the press. 🙂

  5. #5 Ed Brayton
    September 22, 2006


    No, we try to have all public statements made by the board president, Rob Pennock. Whenever he’s available, I refer media requests to him. If he’s not, then I’ll handle them. But I did write the press release, which I think is pretty good.

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